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"Success in my last two jobs really showcased my ability to multitask. Request wheelchair assistance. Have you ever had a job where you provided service over the phone? One minute you can be working with customers on ticket transactions and the next minute you will be needed to contact customers who had a flight rescheduled, so your ability to stay organized is critical. As you respond to the question of what being a professional on the job means to you, it is important to understand that professionalism is defined as the level of excellence that is expected of a professional, and this definition directly applies to this role in the way that you handle yourself and your service to others while on the job. I applied online. I applied online. Pretty much stay calm and try defuse and resolve the situation as the Customer is irritated. Good job! Hospitality and Retail professional for the past 4 years specialising in customer service and dealing with customers. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Qantas (Melbourne) in Sep 2018, An online application process followed by a request to submit a video interview with customer service related questions. I found it daunting as you are receiving no feedback. Qantas Airways Limited is an Australian airline headquartered in Sydney with hubs throughout the rest of the country. Customer Service Agents are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, some regional areas, and overseas locations including New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India, the UK and America. Be specific with your answers they want examples My current employer is required to run a criminal background check on our staff every two years. The more details, the better! The first time you apply, you'll need to create an account with us. Describe a time your received negative feedback from management or a guest how did you react and what was the outcome, Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer and what was the outcome. Adding an example will strengthen your answer and make it more memorable to the interviewer. Great job! What key skills from that experience would you bring to this role? At the end of each shift, I was responsible for balancing the cash and checks in my till against the transaction registered. It was a simple and comfortable process , mostly talking about prior experience, challenges, technologies used, achievements, etc. ", "Not at all, I would be very proud to be representing Qantas, but I also love to look good and take pride in myself. Continue Reading I interviewed at Qantas (Melbourne). "I've always prided myself on being a true professional in any job that I've held during my career. Choose one of our practice interviews to help you better prepare for your upcoming interview. And if you speak any other languages besides English. Is was good kit much to expect and they want you to answer must research. Your interviewer will look to gain insight on your ability to multitask by having you share about a past job where you had to be an effective multitasker. A strong communicator? Stage 2 was a role play. 13 Qantas Customer Service Agent interview questions and 9 interview reviews. News that the . Contact us here. I applied online. A poor customer experience and how did you handle 2. Customer Service Agent - Full-time Position - $19 - $21/hr. Cabin Crew (20) Customer Service Agent (11) Flight Attendant (9) . Describe a time when you went gone over and beyond for a customer? What was your favorite team work and what did you do for it, Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at. I received a scenario which you had to remember key information from. Without being asked, I also kept my register area clean throughout my shift to provide a safer area for my customers. Find out more about our award-winning First and International Business cabins and more classes of travel on Qantas. As you answer this question, talk about the position you've held that required a vast knowledge base about the organization you worked for, and explain why having that knowledge was critical to the role. Freight - cargo, express, airmail, freighters, charters and customs clearance services. Book your perfect holiday with a flight and accommodation package. The process took 1 week. Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) - Melbourne VIC - February 21, 2020. I am aware of other accessory and grooming policies that your airline has. Browse our airport guides and lounge network information. At Qantas Airways, you would be expected to come to work each shift in uniform and neatly groomed. Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at Qantas as 71.6% positive with a difficulty rating score of 3.00 out of 5 (where 5 is the highest level of difficulty). Compare and book travel insurance for your next trip. I applied the position online, and it took one month to process. The example you share can be from an experience with a colleague, manager, or customer, just make sure that you can explain your approach with the unreasonable customer by setting the stage for the situation and explaining how your actions provided a positive outcome. Start your trip in the exclusive surrounds of one of our world class airport lounges. why did you leave your previous job and why do you want to work with Qantas If in a situation like this at Qantas Airways, I wouldn't hesitate to approach the unreasonable person with confidence. During my three years on the job, I never had an issue with an imbalance at the end of a shift. Customer Service Agents. An active listener? What candidates say about the interview process at Qantas. Possible answers are. The medical costs approximately $450. To understand your ability to effectively handle this aspect of the job, your interviewer is posing this question to you. From my own perspective, I have the ability to take direction from others and also to take the lead on things when I am the expert in any situation. Copyright 2008-2023, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job thats right for you. ", "Yes, I have, working in Woolworths for many years, some of my jobs were just this, I worked as a night filler for many years and I also was tasked to clean each fresh food section each night, Bakery, meat section, and the deli section!". In my work there, providing a clean atmosphere and well-stocked products was extremely important. Great job! Join to connect Qantas. As you can see from my resume, I have no gaps in employment over the last 15 years of my career since high school. Remind the interviewer of how excited you are to familiarize yourself with their company. Applicants must have obtained unlimited working rights. I interviewed at Qantas (Sydney) in Sept 2018. Interviews will take place with a representative from Human Resources, the hiring manager or a combination of both. We had some group activities together and a one-on-one interview afterwards. My current role in Customer Service finds me working with customers on processing their orders, checking shipping costs for them, and verifying current pricing on products. I had a chat interview for my first processing. tell me about a time that you provided exceptional customer service. This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. Because you will be working face to face with both customers of the airline and staff as well, your interviewer wants to know that you are comfortable in your own shoes when it comes to communication on the job. 2 of them, i just need to say yes or no. The medical costs approximately $450. Buy flight and unique experience vouchers. I got chat interview with Qantas. Work with the agent to develop and maintain a digital marketing system to promote the office. An online application process followed by a request to submit a video interview with customer service related questions. This will give you the best chance of being short-listed for the next stage. Options for mobility and medical assistance and first-time flyers. The process took 3 weeks. Describe a time your received negative feedback from management or a guest how did you react and what was the outcome, Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer and what was the outcome. I found that having a routine was a good foundation knowing full week this routine may be Interrupted, so then it was about prioritizing, I found this worked.". ", "We were having trouble with employees putting in timesheets, so I researched online timesheets and found a solution to this, I proceeded to set this up, train the employees to use the timesheets, and then implemented their use, then each week all timesheets were automatically on my computer for processing.". We had to come up with an ad campaign for Qantas. If so, talk about a time when you successfully handled an inquiry that initially you weren't sure how to handle. In this role, I also took orders and handled customer inquiries and complaints. I applied online. What would you bring? Book 10 or more passengers travelling to the same destination. ", "When I first started working I was a cashier for Woolworths and back then it was mainly cash, almost no eft pos, so I was experienced in handling cash, balancing the till, and being responsible for my register.". How come the meeting with your supervisor was so much more effective, and how did this meeting solve the problem exactly? . how did you handle it? Earn Qantas Points when riding with Uber to and from eligible Australian airports. Being responsible? Also, reiterate to the interviewer that you always strive to be professional. That's definitely very impressive. describe a time you solved a problem without any others help. "I have no issue being subjected to a criminal background check and employment verification. This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. In these situations, it is important that I know our staff, their expertise, and their daily schedules to be able to get customers in touch with the right person. They would tell you that I have excellent communication skills, the ability to problem solve as part of a larger team, and that I bring a positive attitude to work on a daily basis. after initial interview was called for a role play via video call, Anonymous Interview Candidate in Melbourne, I applied online. I interviewed at Qantas (Brisbane) in Jul 2016. Customised deals, dedicated account management support, saving plans and travel policies for large companies who fly a lot. Why were you the one who took the initiative to solve this problem? At the end of each shift, I was required to sanitize and wipe down my register area and do any sweeping and mopping necessary. They dont check tattoos if youve covered them with clothes, Hand eye coordination test Multiple interviews + Psych test Sim flight mirroring a twin under 5700kg Sim flight was relatively straight fwd. $19 to $21 Hourly. Discover our Australian domestic and international network, airline partners and oneworld. How to connect with us through Social media platforms. Nice! They also asked if you are prepared to work shift work and work on public holidays and special occasions, eg Christmas. In those moments, I've learned that I need to step back, take a deep breath, and assess the situation before I go any further. Step 7; Recieved job offer. Compare and book travel insurance for your next trip. Cabin Crew (19) Customer Service Agent (11) Flight Attendant (9) Customer Service Representative (6) Manager (4) . Browse our travel recommendations for Australia and beyond. Toggle navigation beckton gas works railway; how to find ceres in your chart Search for jobsOpens external site in a new window now orfollow us on LinkedInOpens external siteto receive updates. The process took 9 months. Were you the best cleaner on the team? I interviewed at Qantas (Brisbane) in July 2016. The only blemish on my record is a speeding ticket for going 10 miles per hour over the posted limit eight years ago, and I paid a small fine for this violation. Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) - San Francisco, CA - January 14, 2021. . Browse our airport guides and lounge network information. At some point during your conversation, your interviewer will be looking to hear about your personal motivation for becoming a Customer Service Agent at Qantas Airways. The process took 4 weeks. did anything happen? Find information on travel requirements and more. Assessment day I attended the morning session (apparently there was also an afternoon) 16 people in total we were split into groups of 4 I applied online. This is listed in order of the recruitment steps I went through and the process for me personally was longer than I expected. I got 5 questions based on my CV and resume. We had to come up with an ad campaign for Qantas. Deals on Qantas flights across a range of Australian and international destinations. We do this by creating interview questions that we think you might be asked. I interviewed at Qantas in Feb 2023. As a cashier, I was responsible for making sure the the shelves were fully stocked around my register during my shift and I would do so at times when foot traffic at the registers was slow. Sporting our iconic uniforms, our cabin crew ensure the safety of our customers while making them feel at home, even when theyre thousands of feet in the air. The number and type of interviews across the segments will vary. Write down what you think is important so you can reference it when youre in the role play. But go into more detail about why you would be so proud. Also, how exactly will this benefit you in this role? The first part is an online interview. Discover how you can start earning great rewards and savings simply for running your business. describe a time you saw a staff were doing something dangerous Excellent! If policy didn't allow this, I would explain this to the customer and let them know why we have the policy in place. "I would not have any issues with the dress policies that you have in place for your staff. Step 2; Invited to do an automated questionnaire. We do not have advertisements on our pages but we do try to make money through paid-memberships. I also was trained to follow guidelines when accepting written checks and testing large bills for counterfeiting. What was your favorite team work and what did you do for it. Find out more about inflight dining, entertainment, seat maps and more. Working in a fast-paced, outdoor operational environment, you will load and unload customer baggage, transport it to terminals and aircraft and operate a range . The process took 2 weeks. State Farm agents market only State Farm insurance and financial service products. Another station to do your height reach test and have your documents checked over. They also asked if you are prepared to work shift work and work on public holidays and special occasions, eg Christmas. Be honest about the experience you have that relate to these two items. what decisions did you make? I took the time to evaluate the two to three others I would invite to the project team and selected them based on their performance within the department. Quickly jumped on the Internet and checked and the flights were gone. The process took 1 week. I called the Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer line at 2:15am and told the customer service rep of my problem. By posing this question during your interview, your interviewer is looking to get a sense that you believe in safety first and will both obey all safety and security measures and promote them among your coworkers. Cashier duties require a strict attention to detail when accepting cash transactions and counting change back to customers. Track updates on extreme weather or other major issues that may impact your flight. I applied online. Restaurant and hotel reviews, photo galleries and travel articles. Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer, what was Th outcome and what would you have done differently. Pass will be sent electronically . Interviews for Top Jobs at Qantas. Sydney Domestic Terminal. I interviewed at Qantas (Melbourne) in Sept 2016, I applied on a Friday evening the following morning I received an online questionnaire, the following day I was then asked to complete webcam interview which I did straight away and then following day I was accepted for assessment day which was 2 days after I received the email. 2 of them, i just need to say yes or no. It consisted of being welcomed and then being split into different groups. ", "I would explain to them I would look into this for them but I can only comply with Qantas policies, but assure them I would do the best I can and explain to them what Qantas has to offer for the money they may spend!". We first completed a role play this was conducted in a separate room with 2 Qantas staff followed by an interview with 2 different staff and lastly group activity which is purely to see how you work in a team - I received a letter on the Friday (2 days post assessment day) asking for references the following Monday I was asked to complete online security check approx 1 week later I was asked to complete medical at own expense "I consider my greatest accomplishment to be the time I helped lead a team of colleagues on a project to maximize our efficiency as a department. Step 4; Invited to an online group assessment. They wasted my time and effort and advise me to reapply if I am still interested in their company. Qantas Airways was written by Kevin Downey and updated on July 19th, 2022. "I've had two jobs where I did a lot of work with customers over the phone. ", "Yes, being a business owner I did need to know more than one role, sometimes I had to wear many hats!". The process took 1 week. If you don't have exact experience with more government set regulations, reassure your interviewer that you are a team player who follows the rules by talking about other roles where company rules dictated your work. I would look at alternate routing, if necessary, and once again work within Qantas Airways policies on pricing for the customer. This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. Provide prompt, accurate, and friendly customer . You have provided a good definition of what being professional means to you. The familiar smiles are waiting to welcome you onboard. This is listed in order of the recruitment steps I went through and the process for me personally was longer than I expected. 3. For example, I worked in a bakery where I took calls and directed them to the right departments. ", Our Professional Interview CoachMarcie Wilmot Reviewed the Above Answer. Performing a high level of Customer Service for both domestic and international passengers Check-in duties, gate assist with passengers boarding and arriving flights Working on a 7-day rotating shift, processing payments and helping service all areas of domestic and . What was the end result? Qantas are a good company to work for with regards to pay and conditions. Then you need to click autofill with resume if you have a soft copy of your resume for cabin crew jobs. This may be one or a combination of the following: interview, psychometric testing, assessment centre or in tray exercises. The first time you apply, you'll need to create an account with us. As one of the front line staff who was talking with customers after really long waiting times, it didn't take long to realize that customers were very upset. We hire professional interviewers (people with multiple years of experience interviewing candidates) to help us create our interview questions and write answer examples. I also have a lot of experience in different point-of-sale programs and the Sage CRM program. I would soak in all in-person training and any online module training that I would be put through during my orientation. Find out how to boost your businesses Qantas Points with a choice of American Express payment solutions. The regulations require commercial airlines like Qantas Airways to run criminal background checks on prospective employees, and there is a specific list of criminal activities that can automatically disqualify your candidacy for the job. Check outourlatesttravel dealsand Frequent Flyer offers, including flights on sale,hotel deals, car hire and more. Terms and conditions apply. A poor customer experience and how did you handle 2. why do you want to be a customer services? When I was hired for my current job five years ago, I took it upon myself to familiarize myself and learn our products and staff in a short amount of time to be the expert representative of my organization and, if hired for this role, I would work hard from the start to gain this same level of expertise in this role. In fact, I hold a heavy rigid driver's license and have an impeccable driving record.". All in all 4 weeks from application to offer Because almost every aspect of the business at Qantas Airways, from flight scheduling, passenger ticketing, and aircraft maintenance, is housed within one of different software systems, you will be expected to pick up and run with any program that you train on and will use if hired as their next Customer Service Agent. Description: Customer Service Agent (Job Number: 025639) Work Type: Part-time. Around 20 of us were arranged to seat in a area, professionally dressed. describe a time you saw a staff were doing something dangerous This was followed by being invited to a Group Recruitment day at QANTAS training centre which included information presentations, activities and face-to-face interview, I applied online. Search Qantas timetables for Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar flights. Whether a customer is experiencing a major delay or a customer is traveling for a life altering reason, you need to approach them with empathy and professionalism no matter what that situation brings your way. If you're successful in being short-listed, you'll be invited to attend an assessment. Has this ever happened to you before? How to Answer: Why Do You Want to Work Here? A poor customer experience and how did you handle 2. Melbourne Airport. I interviewed at Qantas (Sydney) in June 2017. While there are many directions you can take your answer to this question, it is important to know that your interviewer will not just be looking to hear how you communicate with others. Connect with a local pet sitter to mind your pet while you're on holiday. I applied online. For work rights in other countries, contact the relevant authority for that country.

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